Which Is Better Jet Spray Or Hand Spray?

Jet Spray Or Hand Spray?

Keeping your rear ends clean is the most concerning and important part of your daily life to maintain hygiene. It is because if you fail to maintain hygiene in the genital regions, you may succumb to many painful diseases like Haemorrhoids, constipation, Diarrhoea, Rectal itching, etc. Therefore, you need to ensure that after pooping you do not leave behind the faecal traces. Undoubtedly, people across the world either use jet spray or hand spray or toilet paper for cleaning their rear ends after poop. However, toilet paper is not worth using than jet spray or hand spray. But when we talk about using jet spray and hand spray, it becomes quite perturbing to choose the one for cleaning rear ends. 

Nevertheless, the question harbours in our minds is - which is better: jet spray or hand spray? Want to know which one is more effective in maintaining hygiene? Continue reading the article to make a wise decision. 

Jet Spray and Hand Spray: An overview for maintaining hygiene 

A hand spray or health faucet is a nozzle-based item that sprays water to clean after defecating. Basically, hand spay is placed in the holder in the right side corner of the toilet attached to the wall. The spray is connected to the faucet through a short pipe. Today, hand spray has become an indispensable part of modular toilets. 

Jet spray, on the other hand, is a metallic strip containing a small nozzle attached to the centre of the toilet seat. The hole or nozzle in the centre is similar to an outlet (pipe) that provides a water jet for cleaning the body after using the toilet. The butterfly jet is combined with a connection pipe. The jet spray for toilets has been in a lot of use as it promotes hygiene and greater health when compared to toilet paper. 

Jet spray and hand spray - both are undeniably an essential part of bathroom amenities. However, most homeowners get confused as to which one to install or use in their toilet to maintain hygiene. Let’s discuss the difference between these two bathroom amenities to decide which one is better to use and more comfortable. 

The major difference between jet spray and hand spray 

When it comes to perpetuating hygiene after toilet use, you may get bewildered as to which bathroom amenity promotes cleanliness and hygiene. Fret not, this guide on the difference between jet spray and hand spray will help you go with the best option for maintaining bathroom hygiene and keeping your butt and genital area clean. 

Better control 

The very first difference that we have on the list is control. Jet spray is attached to the centre of the toilet that can’t move from its place. You have to adjust yourself to clean faecal materials after pooping. Well, the fact is that hand spray is easy to control because the hose is not attached to the toilet so you can manoeuvre it in any direction. Yes, you can easily move the bidet around and get a better wash from it. 

Water pressure 

Both jet spray and hand spray are known for providing you with better water pressure for cleaning the rear ends. However, the damage can occur to handheld spray. It is because there is a washer that is present in the hand spray so the more you use the washer faucet, the sooner it will get damaged. That’s where you start facing low water pressure problems from hand spray. But nothing such a problem happens with butterfly jet spray. 

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene 

Talking about the jet spray, it is installed at a place that can’t be moved. It means you can’t move it around to clean your genital region properly or to wash other parts of the toilet or bathroom. It is immobile and only works for cleaning the genital region. When it comes to hand spray, anyone can use it to wash bathroom tiles and toilet seat as well. Since the nozzle of the hose can move around, it helps you clean the bathroom and maintain proper hygiene there. 

Skin damage 

Most infectious diseases spread through the water left on the toilet seat after using the jet spray. Yes, when the jet spray faucet is turned on, the water flows with high pressure. Due to the high pressure of water, it splashes on the toilet seat and sometimes outside too. This further causes skin damage that ultimately becomes a problem for you. Hand spray, however, reduces the chances of such infection and provides you with better hygiene as you can control the water pressure.  

Which one will help you maintain hygiene? 

Both jet spray and hand spray are far better than using toilet paper. However, when it comes to choosing between jet spray and hand spray, it may become all greek to you. Now it’s crystal clear to you as we have discussed the major difference between butterfly jet spray and hand spray. If you’re more concerned about maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your toilet and avoiding any kind of skin infection, a handheld spray is what you should go with. From maintaining hygiene to cleaning the bathroom, handheld spray becomes a jack-of-all-trades. It is easy to handle, use, move and control the pressure that serves you all your requirements and provides you with a better experience that you’re looking for in maintaining prolonged hygiene in your toilet. 

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