Don’t Forget To Keep A Portal Jet Spray While Travelling Abroad

Portal Jet Spray While Travelling Abroad

If there’s one device or tool that expatriate Indians keep close while travelling abroad, it is the portable jet spray. It is a hand-operated mini shower with adequate water pressure that is neither too weak to wipe out the butts nor so strong to hurt them. If you are travelling to an overseas destination, this is the one tool you need to keep in your bag before leaving. In many overseas countries, public or private toilets are built with the presumption that it's toilet paper, not water that we should use to clear our butts after pooping. Therefore, if you are an Indian, for sure, cleaning post-poo asses through paper won’t give you that satisfaction. So, it's vital to keep a portable jet spray with you while travelling abroad. 

Overseas countries and their toilets 

Different countries have distinct toilet facilities and it varies depending on the climate and resources. Japan has chic yet modern toilets that shoot water of different temperatures from different directions. In most European countries, people use low oval basins to clean their genitals. While in Thailand, an attached hand sprayer is used for butt cleaning purposes.

Back in India, the conventional way of using a mug with hands has been replaced with Jet Spray. It can be set in the commode with the help of a plumber and cost only a few hundred rupees. This is the reason why many Indians keep a portable jet spray with them whenever they travel abroad because for them, cleaning butts with just paper is unhygienic. Smart Indians use water through the jet spray and then use a piece of toilet paper or tissue paper to pat it dry.    

Portable Jet Spray for the toilet is certainly one of those innovations that you won’t miss until you don’t use it. However, the sale of portal jet spray has witnessed a considerable increase after the western countries have encountered a shortage of toilet paper due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

What is more hygienic - toilet paper or a portable jet spray?

The majority of people hesitate to talk about their toilet habits and how they clean their genitals after passing stools. Despite the fact that everyone clears their bowels, we are not aware of the most hygienic and effective way to clean ourselves and ensure there is no substance remaining in our buttcracks.  

In India, most probably the toilets have a handheld jet spray or a bucket and mug to clean up the genitals after pooping. That is the reason why Indians face issues when they visit an abroad country because there they have to clean up with toilet paper. 

When asked by experts, they recommended the jet spray or portable jet spray as the best way to clean up down there after passing stools. As per them, by using water we can ensure that there is no residual faecal matter remaining that too without touching that spot directly. On the other hand, using toilet paper doesn’t ensure that the genitals are properly cleaned after pooping. They suggest using both - jet spray and toilet paper for best results and maintaining hygiene. Another disadvantage of using toilet paper is the friction it caused due to rubbing. Patients having piles or suffering from anal fissures would feel abnormal pain and discomfort if they use toilet paper to clean up their genitals after passing stool. 

Additional advantages of using a portable jet spray 

A portable jet spray for the toilet might look like a funny tool, but the following benefits are enough to add usage of it into your habit. 

Eliminates the chances of genital infection 

Experts say proper usage of jet spray can decline the number of bacteria in your urine, which means inclusive cleaning. Using water to clean your genitals after passing stools and using soap maintains the hygiene more effectively rather than wiping it out using toilet paper. Thus, a portable jet spray removes the possibility of genital infection. 

Limits the germ from spreading 

If you use a portable jet spray, you avoid any contact with faecal matter that contains thousands of bacteria and germs that can cause harmful diseases. Using handheld jet spray limits germs from getting in touch with your hand and spreading, leading you to a healthy life. 

Lowers the risk of haemorrhoids 

Using the jet spray with mild pressure aids in relieving pressure on the anus and stools pass easily. Continuous pressure on the anus is one of the biggest causes of haemorrhoids, therefore, a portal jet spray can reduce the chances of haemorrhoids. 

Enhances your washroom experience 

A study says that when you use a jet spray or a portable jet spray in a washroom after passing stools, you will find it more hygienic and satisfactory cleaning. Thus, it enhances the overall toileting experience of the user. 

More acceptable for the environment 

Switching from toilet paper to jet spray or portal jet spray is not only a pocket-friendly choice, but it is environment-friendly as well. Paper manufacturing requires wood and leads to cutting more and more trees. If jet spray replaced the toilet paper completely, we can save a large number of trees, which is undoubtedly good for the environment’s health. 


When Indians visit an overseas country and stay in a hotel, the very first thing they might check in the hotel room is how they would clean their butts after passing stool. The common facility is toilet paper to clean genitals is the foremost complaint of whoever is flown abroad. For Indians, it is the basic human right that these so-called progressive and modern countries fail to provide. Thanks to the portable jet spray for toilets enables Indians to maintain their hygiene and keep feeling complete cleanliness. So, next time you are traveling abroad, don’t forget to keep a portable jet spray with you before leaving to avoid any discomfort. 

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