What Is More Hygienic To Use After Pooping – Toilet Paper Or A Bidet Spray?

Toilet Paper Or A Bidet Spray?

Talking about toilet habits is one of the taboos that is discussed under the carpet, like the menstrual cycle, sex life, and mental health. We often do not talk about the hygiene and cleanliness down there. Still, many researchers have concluded that bidet seats, washlets, and other devices that spray water at the bottom after you poop are better and cleaner than using toilet paper. But are they actually healthier? Toilet paper or bidet - which is the most effective out of the two? Read on to continue this discussion and find a conclusion.

How Does A Bidet Spray Work?

Bidet spray, which primarily replaces toilet paper, has taken mainstream in countries like Japan, Italy, and Argentina to change the traditional toilet habits. First invented in France in the 1600s, a bidet spray is generally a bathroom fixture that was primarily designed to spray water to wash your genitals gently.

If you break the taboo and think about it with an open mind, bidet sprays are actually a kind of great invention. "Bidet sprays provide better comfort down there and cleaning than regular toilet paper," states Evan Goldstein, DO, a rectal surgeon and founder of Bespoke Surgical in New York City. Bidets can be extremely beneficial, especially for those with physical disabilities, like arthritis, he added while citing the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Bidet sprays are typically made up of two devices that you install into your toilet seat. It sprays water onto your genitals and other parts to gently rinse any faecal material. Most bidets work on a mechanism that allows them to spray gently, powered by the water pressure in your fitting. A bidet attachment redirects the water from the pipe to the nozzle you control to spray water.

If you would like a more advanced attachment, you can go with portable jet sprays that work on the same mechanism and come with a 180-degree rotating nozzle to facilitate better cleaning down there.

Toilet paper Or A Bidet Spray: Which Is Good For Your Butt?

You will yourself answer this question. You just need to go back to the history when toilet paper was not used. In Roman Times, people were using something that was called ‘Gompf stick’ and ancient Greeks were even using a stone to clean after popping. China invented paper in 105 CE and even in the early 14th century, a huge portion of toilet paper was used in Emperor's Court; the commoners used to defecate in the river or elsewhere with water.

While countries like America, Russia, and the majority of European countries use toilet paper for defecating, People in Arab countries and South Asian Countries like India, and South-East Asian Countries like Indonesia and Singapore use water to clean their rear ends.

Having said that, is toilet paper or water healthier to clean after defecating? Let's compare them to find a better answer.

Water (Bidet Spray)

A jet spray or bidet spray is undoubtedly one of the greatest and healthiest methods to clean after passing stools. Water is considered more hygienic since all the urine and poop get washed off, leaving a cleaner and healthier bottom. No matter how much you rub, there is always a residual smell that is left behind after toilet paper. Cleaning with water ensures there is no poopy smell left.

Moreover, using clean water to wash after poop eliminates the infection that toilet paper causes when one forgets to clean the front and back. Also, it is economical to use water because you do not need to spend a fortune on buying toilet paper every month. Additionally, doctors recommend washing the genitals with water under the following circumstances to ensure better hygiene.

  • Injury from foreign body insertion
  • Anal intercourse
  • Candidiasis & Balanitis
  • Sexual Transmitted Infection
  • Various genital infections in men and women

Toilet Paper

Using toilet paper, however, does not ensure proper cleaning of the anal area because it is curved. However, toilet papers are easy to carry, but when wiped with toilet paper, the underwear of the person who wipes without washing smells awfully bad after coming out of the washroom. For those with pubic hair, it can be even worse.

Moreover, the smell of farts of toilet paper users is typically more noxious than those who use water to clean their butts. Using toilet paper is not a good option for adults having light to thick genital hair as it does not defecate all the poop and urine. Using toilet paper regularly can aggravate the pain in the following cases.

  • Rectal itching (Pruritus)
  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Rectal Prolapse

Reasons Why Should You Wash, Not Wipe Your Butts After Passing Stools

Over the years, we have been considering water a basic necessity for bathing and washing, but when it comes to defecating, we juggle between toilet papers and jet/bidet sprays. As stated earlier in this discussion, water is undoubtedly one of the most hygienic ways to clean the butts. Here we have mentioned a few reasons why you should wash and not wipe your butts.

Toilet paper leaves behind the faecal traces

When you wipe it out with toilet paper, it leaves behind the faecal traces. This could make you prone to various health conditions and even lead to UTIs and infection.

Excess use can cause health issues

Toilet paper might clean your butts, but when used excessively, it can severely damage the sensitive skin around your anal. This practice can also lead to anal fissures and urinary tract infections.

Wiping aggressively causes rashes

Another reason why you should choose bidet spray over toilet paper is that wiping off with toilet paper can damage your soft-skinned butts and even chaff you behind.

Hygiene Matters

Let's admit that the butt is not a nice place, still, hygiene matters. Wiping is very unhygienic; it might make your hands dirty and lead to several health issues.

The other reason to stop using toilet paper is that the process of bleaching the toilet paper releases toxins into the air and water, which is harmful to fishes, animals, and people as well. Moreover, many reports state that using toilet paper can cause skin irritation – that does not disappear after they are flushed down the toilet.

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