How do you use a bidet without making a mess?

 Use a bidet without making a mess

A bidet spray is an effective tool for cleaning after using the washroom. It is an essential cleaning tool that is widely used in European countries for cleansing the genital area after passing stool. Its cost-effectiveness is the reason why people prefer it over toilet paper. 

Besides European countries, bidet spray is common in India, Brazil, Portugal, and other eastern countries. The bidet spray is gradually gaining popularity and acceptance in other parts of the world. Once tourists use it in a foreign country and find it helpful, they will not fail to adopt it in their routine life. At times, tourists who come across the bidet spray for the first time don’t know how a bidet works and end up with a mess. If you are also new to the bidet and don’t know the proper way to use it, it is the right time to learn because the world will adopt it sooner or later. 

How to use a bidet properly?

If you use a washroom that includes an in-built bidet, it’s a brilliant idea to plan how you will use it to avoid any mess. Here are a few tips on using a bidet properly. 

  • Turn on the spray head to check the direction of the water stream and its pressure, so you are prepared. 
  • Before using a bidet spray, clean it with toilet paper to maintain hygiene. 
  • Many people use bidet spray like a shower to freshen up after passing stool or having sexual intercourse. But it is not the right way to use a bidet spray. 
  • Before turning on the bidet jet, ensure that your inner wear, towel, or pants are out of the way. Otherwise, you will make them wet, which may cause embarrassment. 
  • You will get a towel in a hanger within your arm’s reach in many washrooms. Remember that this towel is to pat your hands dry, not butts. 
  • Females should always try to keep the water direction front-to-back to avoid any type of bacterial infection into their vulva. 
  • Don’t forget to turn off the T-valve after every use to ensure the best results with a bidet attachment. If you fail or omit to do so, it may result in water leakage and empty water storage. 

Risks associated with bidet spray

Bidet is slowly replacing the toilet paper, but it doesn’t mean it has no disadvantages or is entirely suitable for everyone. You should use many cautions if you are operating a bidet spray. 

  • Excessive use of bidet may cause anal pruritus and anal incontinence. Therefore, healthcare experts recommend that patients suffering from anal incontinence should avoid using a bidet and excessive cleaning of the anus. 
  • Nozzle surface of bidet may be infected with faecal indicator bacteria or antimicrobial-resistant bacteria; therefore one should be cautious while using a shared washroom or totally avoid using the bidet spray of a shared or public washroom. 
  • A study has reported numerous cases of anal fissures caused due to the use of bidet spray with strong pressure for 1 to 5 minutes.  Therefore, it is recommended to use bidet spray with normal water pressure. 

Different types of bidets 

As bidet is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, it is now available in different forms. A variety of bidet models result from evolving demand for modern bathrooms. You can never be sure which type of bidet is installed in a washroom you use for the first time. We have mentioned a few bidet types below. 

Standalone bidet 

This is a traditional bidet type that you will find in most European washrooms. These types of bidets have been in use for centuries. The reason they are referred to as ‘stand-alone’ is that they are installed separately from toilet bowls in washrooms. The standalone bidets can be equipped with modern features like a water temperature adjustment facility. As modern bidet designs are now available in the market, the price of standalone bidets is comparatively low. 

Portable jet spray or travel bidet 

This bidet spray is quite functional and suitable for those who travel frequently. It is a cost-effective cleaning equipment, and some people may feel awkward keeping it in their travel bag. People who prefer water to clean their genitals after passing stool would find it helpful, especially in an overseas country where toilet paper is commonly used. 

Handheld bidet 

A handheld bidet is a blend of an attached bidet and a portable bidet, but you can’t take it while travelling. It is a metal pipe with a sprayer attached to the toilet plumbing. Such a bidet gives users the flexibility to direct the water flow and more control over water pressure. Installing a handheld bidet spray is relatively easy as you can do it yourself. 

Built-in bidet 

The built-in bidet toilet seat is a modern toilet facility that allows you to pass stool and clean the rear ends through one unit. Therefore, such seats are referred to as combo toilets because they are the combination of a toilet seat and a built-in bidet. It makes the toilet advanced because it has many features that are not available in other bidet types. These features are warm and cosy seats, a facility to control water temperature and pressure and warm air dryers. In some Asian countries, built-in bidet toilets are equipped with a music facility to provide a relaxed ambience while doing delicate business. 

Bidet attachment

Bidet attachment is popular cleaning equipment commonly found in American residences. Such a bidet spray fits easily with an existing toilet bowl. This bidet type is inexpensive, appealing, and offers numerous environmental benefits. 


It may take a while to be familiar with bidet, but once you adopt it, you won’t feel comfortable in anything else. Moreover, you have the flexibility to attach a bidet sprayer to an existing toilet bowl or install a bidet toilet in your washroom. Regardless of the model, you must learn how a bidet works and how to use it without making a mess. 

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