Not yet we are planning to sell portable jet spray in the UK and activate global shipping. Register your email with us for updates

The durability of the portable jet spray relies on proper maintenance, usage and adherence to the manual instructions

The sky’s the limit it can be used for any purpose you see fit. In fact tag us on our Social handle if you find an innovative way to use it.

Coming soon! We understand the need for hygiene in products like this. While the product is designed to not have any contact with the area its cleaning we will give you an option to buy more nozzles online (apart from the two extra that is provided with the device)

The spotless!, 2 extra nozzles, and a cool pouch to carry it in.

Actually as a startup we are dependent on sites like Amazon who take a sizeable portion of our revenue to deliver to our customers. To get a ten percent discount order right here on our website! Remember we are honestly priced and transparent with our customers. Now that’s value for money!

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