Optimal solution

Don’t let external circumstances interfere with your hygiene routine. The Spotless portable jet spray is lightweight and practical, which makes it a great choice in maintaining your intimate hygiene anywhere you are.

180-degree rotating nozzle

Our portable jet spray has an upgraded design, equipped with a 180-degree rotating nozzle. This helps you perform an efficient and effortless cleaning of your intimate parts. Also, this makes the device super easy and comfortable to use.

Custom pressure control

We designed with bidet sprayer for toilet to provide you a convenient and easy way to maintain your personal hygiene. That is why our portable jet spray comes with adjustable pressure control, for quick and efficient cleaning.

Lightweight and portable

The Spotless portable jet spray is a must-have during trips. It is lightweight, portable, and very comfortable to use even with one hand. Also, it fits effortlessly in your luggage or purse, so you can always have it at hand.

Versatile use

With the Spotless portable jet spray, your trips will be more enjoyable. Our innovative device can be used for personal or baby hygiene, disabled persons, in public toilets, during quick trip or business travels, or in outdoor activities.